About us

Up-Scaling the Fishery

We are leading in the fisheries support by offering training, and research on fisheries value chain and sustainable harvesting to fishing communities.

Youth Empowerment

Youth are the center of our service. We support youth through empowerment programs that aim to insert the entrepreneurship mindset into all the youth’s minds through training and mentorship programs.

Project Evaluation

We, as a Third-Party Monitoring agency, conduct the baseline and final assessment through the collection and validation of monitoring information using parties external to an aid agency or donor organization to verify whether funded projects were implemented as per the proposals.

About Us

Tusaale Consulting Firm is a leading, multidisciplinary private company dedicated to business development and entrepreneurship acceleration in Somalia. It was established in June 2016 and is based in Mogadishu with two branch offices in Baidoa, and Hargeisa. We worked with international and local organizations on promoting innovative SME development, fisheries & aquaculture, youth empowerment, project evaluations, and public/private partnership.


  1. Training/Capacity building
  2. Accounting and Finance solutions
  3. Audit and Assurance
  4. Taxation services
  5. Corporate Secretarial Services
  6. Human Resource Development
  7. Third-Party Monitoring
  8. Project Assessment
  9. Market Assessment
  10. Networking and Access to Market


Our mission is to accelerate business development in Somalia.


  1. To promote the formalization of the business, by helping the business transformation from informality to formality
  2. To be a platform where the businesspeople despite their sizes, refer for their total solutions
  3. To connect Somalia to the world through business by promoting access to the global markets.


From the collapse of Somalia’s central government in 1991 until 2010, everything collapsed including the business. Somalia’s business sector begin recovery in 2011 after the diaspora began returning home and investing in the country due to the relative political and security stability.
When Mr. Bakar-the founder, visited China, Malaysia, India, and other countries from 2013 to 2015, he realized that Somali business has a long way to go to develop in comparison with these countries, and Somalia needs to boost its business as a strategy to stop the war and engage international trade, so that, he decided to stand at a position where he can accelerate business development in Somalia. In mid-2016, he, with other experts, established Tusaale Consulting Firm to support business development in Somalia.



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